TestTrak Tutoring Summer Seminar Registration

New this summer, we are offering the flexibility of our targeted software approach at Hopewell Valley Central HS in two seminar formats (open to non-Hopewell Central students, also). Both versions of the course are 25 instructional hours and 3 tests with a full online score analysis for each test. Both are in preparation for the fall 2011 SATs. The 'Schedule A' course is Tuesday and Thursday classes from July 9th to August 25th, and the 'Schedule B' course is Saturday classes from July 9th to September 24th. Register now below and secure your spot for the summer (no deposit necessary). The cost of the course including educational materials is $699 and will be directly managed by the owners of the company and authors of our manual and online software.

Schedule A Course   Schedule B Course 
Sat Jul 91pm – 5pmTest 1  Sat Jul 91pm – 5pmTest 1
Tue Jul 1910:30am – 1:00pmClass 1  Sat Jul 1610:00am – 12:30pmClass 1
Thu Jul 2110:30am – 1:00pmClass 2  Sat Jul 2310am – 12:30pmClass 2
Tue Jul 2610:30am – 1:00pmClass 3  Sat Jul 3010am – 12:30pmClass 3
Thu Jul 2810:30am – 1:00pmClass 4  Sat Aug 610am – 12:30pmClass 4
Tue Aug 210:30am – 1:00pmClass 5  Sat Aug 1310am – 12:30pmClass 5
Thu Aug 410:30am – 1:00pmTest 2  Sun Aug 141pm – 5pmTest 2
Tue Aug 910:30am – 1:00pmClass 6  Sat Aug 2010am – 12:30pmClass 6
Thu Aug 1110:30am – 1:00pmClass 7  Sat Aug 2710am – 12:30pmClass 7
Tue Aug 1610:30am – 1:00pmClass 8  Sat Sep 1010am – 12:30pmClass 8
Thu Aug 1810:30am – 1:00pmClass 9  Sat Sep 1710am – 12:30pmClass 9
Tue Aug 231pm – 5pmTest 3  Sun Sep 181pm – 5pmTest 3
Thu Aug 2510:30pm – 1:00pmClass 10   Sat Sep 2410am – 12:30pmClass 10